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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Our curriculum for all core courses is completely Bible based and is provided by A Beka Books, Bob Jones University Press, and Positive Action, long-standing leaders in providing high quality Christian education materials and textbooks to Christian Schools.  These publishers are specifically tailored for a Christian based learning environment, allowing us to provide the highest quality Christian education possible.  It has been shown that the educational experience using these curricula supported by dedicate Christian teachers allow students who apply themselves to be successful and test higher on educational testing programs.

Realizing that due to our size we cannot offer all the courses found in other educational settings, the goal of Cornerstone Baptist Academy is to provide a superior, foundational education.  This approach has proven to allow our students to excel in the post-secondary endeavors of their choice.

The secondary offering of CBA follow the Indiana state guidelines for a Core 40 diploma.  CBA students participate in the ISTEP+ testing and End of Course Assessments as prescribed by the State of Indiana.  All our graduates have successfully completed these tests since we joined the testing programs.

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