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Cornerstone Baptist Academy offers several sports programs to enhance physical and mental fitness, as well as enhancing teamwork and cooperation among the participants. For more information about any of our sports programs, contact the school office or e-mail our Athletic Director, Darryl Tarr. The following sports are offered:


9th through 12th Grade
Season runs Nov. - Feb.
Practices are 4:30-6:00

Junior High Basketball 2019.jpg


6th through 8th Grade
Season runs Nov. - Feb.
Practices 3:30-4:30


6th through 12th Grade
Season runs Aug. - Oct.
Practices are 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Boys Soccer 2018.jpg
Volleyball 2019.jpg


6th through 12th Grade
Season runs Aug. - Oct.
Practices are 3:30-5:00


7th through 12th Grade
Season runs Nov. - Feb.
Practices are 3:30 - 4:45 pm

Download Athletics Calendar
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Cornerstone Baptist Academy offers several music programs to offer a wide range of and musical skills development and ministry. Students will participate in a wide variety of concerts, both for the school and Cornerstone Baptist Church as well as competition opportunities. The following programs are offered:

All rehearsals and practices are generally during the school day.  Performances are listed on the school calendar.

Elementary Music/Choir:  1st through 6th Grades

Elementary Band:  4th through 6th Grades

Junior/Senior High Band:  7th through 12th Grades

Secondary Choir:  7th through 12th Grade

Private instrumental and piano lessons are offered by the Academy. For more infor-mation, contact the school office.



CBA is a part of the American Association of Christian Schools. We compete in the Indiana Fine Arts, Bible, and Academics competition held once a year. Both middle school and high school participate in this event.

math 2022.jpg


The well-equipped science lab provides regular laboratory experiences for all secondary students, including the study and care of live animals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.


Classes in general science, integrated chemistry and physics, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, marine biology, and physics access laboratory equipment as a vital component of instruction. 

Elementary classes utilize lab materials in their classrooms to enrich their programs. In addition, the high school science teacher provides STEM instruction to elementary during the school year.


Our Academy has a general library consisting of over 9,100 volumes, with more being added almost every day. These include education and research materials, as well as well-balanced leisure books that students can check out. We have recently digitized our library and are now able to check books in and out through our new software.


In addition, every elementary classroom has a small library that teachers and students use for a variety of purposes.



CBA has an up-to-date computer lab with 24 student computers. The computers have filtered internet using Windows 10, and access to both Microsoft and Google applications. Also, teachers are able to interact directly with the students to aid in typing, studying, testing, and general computer knowledge.

In addition, CBA issues Chromebooks to students in all grades to be used throughout the school year, both in class and at home.



CBA participates in the American Christian Honor Society program.  This program emphasizes Christian scholarship, Christian leadership, Christian character, and Christian service.  Students in grades 10-12 who meet the academic and character requirements are eligible to join. 

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